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Videowaalé is a boutique film making company co-managed between myself and my husband Pranav. Together, we are passionate about making films that tell a story. Our work spreads across lifestyle, travel and business films, and we love telling stories that portray the power of human relationships. 

We sometimes shoot weddings and, we work closely with our clients to know them better so that we can tell their story truthfully. Our wedding films however, are bespoke and never follow a cookie cutter approach. In order to maintain a high level of artistry, we only do a few wedding films per year.

We're passionate about telling great stories that will leave a lasting impression - stories that you will continue to share. We believe that a story lurks behind every person, relationship and life event no matter how large or small. We help you to bring forward these stories to the world through our style.


Have a story to share? Write to us.

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