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eating to live

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"I love to cook for those who love to eat." That's sometime I say when I describe my relationship with food. Yet, I only began cooking about 11 years ago when I got married. Pranav came home early one day to find me warming up a frozen Kerala Parotta and I knew that this was not a sustainable model. I'd have to cook at some point - and not just boil rice, but really cook.

I moved to India following my marriage and began blogging about my adventures in the kitchen in 2008. Then, in 2011 when we moved back to Canada (my home and native land,) I started a YouTube channel with simple cooking tutorials.

Over the last several years, my love for food and food preparation has remained constant. I love experimenting with new ingredients, and reinventing with old ones. My channel has become my home on the web as I continue to document my ever-evolving relationship with good food and how to enjoy it. 

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